Authentically crafted
          Japanese Samurai Armor

     Welcome to, a Little Star Enterprise company. For over 10 years, Little Star Enterprises has been providing quality reproduction Japanese samurai armor, swords, clothing and accessories to an ever-growing number of martial artists, practitioners, collectors, film production studios, theater productions, TV shows, museums, LARP and many other enthusiasts. For over a decade, we have stood by our commitment to quality service and products. Our customers have shown their support and satisfaction by continuing to purchase our Samurai products since 2001. We have stood by our commitment to quality service and products and our customers have shown their support by standing with us through the years.

     We are happy to say that to continue our years of service to this community and our un-wavering commitment to excellence, we have established a strong partnership with the Fenglinhanjia Armory for the distribution of their unique samurai armor. The Armory hand makes authentic Japanese samurai armor incorporating techniques used for five centuries. Their attention to fine detail has yielded rugged yet elegant samurai armor exact in many details. Their commitment to the samurai code of excellence and honor which manifests in their detailed armor that is now available to you.

     As well as selling to the general public and studios, we are now accepting dealership and distributor applications. Please use the "Become A Dealer" link at the bottom of this page to register. If you are not a dealer and would just like to purchase our products, you may purchase directly from us at MSRP. However, Retail customers who register with us and can receive a membership discount on select products. In addition, our retail members will have special access to select products and offers our non-registered customers do not have access to. To become a retail member, please use the "Sign In" link at the top of the page and click the "Create Account" button at the bottom of the page.

     Further information on any of our products, services, to become a dealer, or registered retail membership is available through on our FAQ page.

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